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What Makes Us Look Older

What Makes Us Look Older?

While aging is natural and can be beautiful in many ways, it’s also natural to feel uncomfortable with the appearance of aging signs. If you’re curious about what makes you look older and what you can do to address aging signs, you can learn more below! For more information, contact us today or schedule an appointment online. Visit our clinic conveniently located at 1 Sears Drive, Suite 406 Paramus, NJ 07652.

What Makes a Person Look Older?
What Makes a Person Look Older?

Table of Contents:

What makes a person look older?
What makes you look older than your age?
What makes your face look older?
At what age do you start looking older?

What makes a person look older?

Aging and the signs of aging are natural and something that everyone will experience to greater or lesser extents as they age. Still, various factors contribute to aging and its appearance on our bodies. These factors involve lifestyle habits, genetics, skincare routines, diet and exercise, sunlight exposure, sleep hygiene, stress, and more.

What makes you look older than your age? 

For some people, genetics cause them to age faster than others, at least in appearance. Others may look older than their age due to unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, or lack of exercise. As such, some factors of premature aging are within our control, while others are not. Similarly, some solutions to premature aging involve changing lifestyle habits, and others involve direct medical spa treatments to help you maintain a more youthful appearance. 

Fortunately, many treatments can address the diverse signs of aging in subtle or dramatic and effective ways. Some of these treatments include:

●  Body contouring
●  Botox injections
●  Vi peel
●  Dermal fillers
●  Facials
●  Microneedling
●  Skin rejuvenation
●  And more!

What makes your face look older? 

The main contributing factors to facial aging are wrinkles and decreased skin elasticity. When a person’s face has more than the expected number of wrinkles for their age, they often look older than they are. Likewise, loss of skin elasticity can lead to can cause the skin to look crinkled, leathery, or saggy. 

However, other skin issues can also make your face look older. Let’s take a look at these skin issues based on where they appear on your face: 

●  Cheeks: Along with loss of skin elasticity, our skin also loses volume as we age. This lost volume commonly causes hollow or sunken cheeks. The reason for this loss of volume is that our skin produces less collagen, loses fat, and retains less water with age. Fat, collagen, and water are the main properties that promote healthy skin volume.
●  Eyes: Aging signs that occur around the eyes include crow’s feet lines, droopy eyelids, and dark circles underneath your eyes. Crow’s feet lines branch out from the corners of your eyes. These wrinkles naturally occur due to repetitive smiling and squinting over the years. Droopy eyelids occur due to loss of skin elasticity, while dark circles underneath the eyes are due to loosening skin and more visible blood vessels. Both of these aging signs can make your eyes appear tired and worn.
●  Lips: As you age, your lips may lose volume, and fine lines and wrinkles may appear around your mouth. These fine lines are often footprints of a great, well-worn smile. Still, many people find that thinning lips and mouthlines make them look older than they feel comfortable with.
●  Skin: General skin issues like enlarged pores, liver spots, and sun damage can also make your face look older, as does an uneven complexion due to loss of collagen and elastin.

At what age do you start looking older? 

Every person ages in appearance at a different rate. Still, most people do not notice signs of aging until their mid to late 30s. Even then, those aging signs are typically minor. As you approach your 40s and 50s, you may experience more significant aging signs. Whatever age you notice aging signs, there are many highly effective treatments to help you maintain a youthful appearance. 

Whether you’d like more information on the signs of aging or want to learn more about the services that can address those aging signs, we’d love to hear from you at Elysium Aesthetics and Vein Care. We welcome you to schedule an appointment with one of our providers through our website or call us today! Visit our clinic conveniently located at 1 Sears Drive, Suite 406 Paramus, NJ 07652. We serve clients from Paramus NJ, Westwood NJ, Bergenfield NJ, Ridgewood NJ, Fair Lawn NJ, Hackensack NJ, and surrounding areas.

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